bits and pieces


9 || seeing The National on August 12

(Source: Spotify)

7 || Dinner & Dessert

Winding snake of eager sweet-tooths

lined outside an ice cream shop.

There are 6 other ice cream shops on the street.

I get in line anyway.

Very happy I did.


Take the time to wander.

My Birkenstocks lead me

through antiquated streets as

day gives way to familiar night.


Walking home in Klosterneuburg,

I’ve got a cardigan sent with love from Tampa

and an expansive blanket of stars

to protect me from the crisp nachtluft.

|| Tiergarten Schönbrunn

Happy Fourth of July

Tried Lángos instead

of having a Hot Dog.

Let freedom ring?

2 || Stephansdom

343 steps, spiraling.

Alma’s afraid of heights,

but only realizes on the way down.

I guess sometimes we realize things

we’re afraid of just a little too late.

She climbs a tree anyway,

just ‘cause.

1 ||Haus der Meeres